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Keeping Seniors on Their Feet and Thriving!

I have 35 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist working with each unique senior and having fun!

My keys to success are:

  • I focus on the root issue that caused initial admission to the hospital and try to resolve it!
  • STEADI, Stopping Elderly, Accidents, Death & Injuries, 15 years’ success using it. Take my fall prevention class!
  • Many colleagues have remarked, “how did you get cranky, very ill, fragile “X” client out of bed?” My motivation class works!
  • Rehab games to creatively work on balance, cognition, strength, and promote out of bed social activity using fond, familiar games.

An example would be a fall and subsequent fracture of any of these bones: hip, femur, pelvis, humerus, clavicle or compression fracture of the back and admission to the hospital etc.

  • STEADI: A comprehensive fall assessment by the rehab team

    • How many falls in the past year and what were the circumstances?
    • Balance test scores and mobility issues
    • Feet and footwear issues
    • Environment
    • Medical and medication issues
    • Cognition screening
    • Personal habits that may have caused the fall
  • Apply a treatment plan to address those issues, including the many techniques I teach in my motivational class!

You may contact us by filling in this form any time you need support, have questions, or leave feedback. You can also mail us at: Geriatric Rehab, Inc. Attn Denise Kean, OT, Pres. 1740 Shaff Rd #505, Stayton, OR 97383. Or call us at 1-503-660-3236