Coronavirus is like a game of pinball. The coronavirus is the ball and humans are the pins.

  • For every pin (human) the ball (coronavirus) touches, the pin gets infected with the coronavirus.
  • So now you have pinball with two balls and each pin you touch becomes another infected-ball that can go on and infect other pins. The latest medical information is it may incubate from 14 to 26 DAYS!
  • What is the best way to get these pins from getting infected? By REMOVING them from the table so the balls can’t hit them.
  • That is why SOCIAL ISOLATION IS NEEDED; we are removing the pins (ourselves) so the ball (virus) can’t touch us and infect us.
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Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter for COVID-19! There is no reason we shouldn’t have the best PPE and face masks in the USA for our healthcare workers. The eyes need to be protected as well! What is best practice? Let’s get our manufacturing plants re-purposed! Let’s GO! Here are some evidenced based links, resources and some creative solutions until our manufacturing plants get up to speed:

-Know any sewing companies or quilters for face masks? Can they be worn over N95 masks to extend the lifespan? What is best practice. . .?

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Social Distancing

Social Distancing (COVID-19) at its best!  See below link for an excellent article by leading MDs on meeting seniors and at-risk people’s social and basic needs in their home.

COLLEGE BAND CHALLENGE:  “The” Ohio State Buckeyes showed up!

COLLEGE BAND CHALLENGE:  “The” Ohio State Buckeyes showed up!  Yo, rest of Big 10, PAC-12, ACC, SEC, Big 12, etc where are you on YouTube for social distancing?   Hmmm! I’m from Oregon where are the Ducks & Beavers?

    A 21-year-old Tennessee woman who bragged on social media about not taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously has been diagnosed with the deadly illness, according to a report. . . .

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