Fall Prevention
Fall Prevention

Stay Independent, Rehab Fall Prevention

Senior Fall Prevention: What does the latest medical research and Denise Kean, occupational therapist with rehab experience of 35 years tell us?

  • What are eight fall statistics in the USA? How about for your state?
  • S.T.E.A.D.I (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) will be covered highlighting the key components and the need for further assessment by professionals.
    • These include the need for:
      • 1 year fall history & details
      • balance & muscle strength tests & treatment
      • supportive footwear, mobility & mobility aids
      • medications
      • other pertinent medical diagnoses
      • home environment
      • lifestyle changes
      • vision & cognitive screening
      • vitamin D
  • Denise brings her 35 years of rehab experience and success stories in preventing falls! Some unique, proven approaches and handouts in motivating seniors for positive change are included!
Medical insurance sponsored classes at a senior center for seniors and their caregivers

1.5-hour class price $695 or for best value take TWO classes for $1,195. Price includes any size group.