MDs and Primary Care Physicians
Nurses and Therapists

STEADI, Stopping Elderly Accidents, Death and Injuries, is easy and fun to integrate into your medical practice!

This protocol is proven by Oregon Health Science University. *

Every year, 3 million older adults go to emergency departments for serious injuries from falling.

Learn treatment success in preventing falls from an expert.

Reduce hospital readmissions, decrease health care costs and improve long term surgery outcomes. Implementing fall prevention in your practice is billable, easy and fun to do with the STEADI Algorithm.

Learn 20 strategies with STEADI using a rehab team approach including:

  • Fall history and how to be “Sherlock Holmes” with your senior
  • Key balance and mobility assessments physical therapy can do
  • Medication and medical review
  • Pertinent feet and footwear issues to assess with medical professionals
  • Comprehensive home safety assessment by occupational therapy
  • Cognitive screening by occupational and speech therapy and leading edge memory techniques
  • How to address fall risk behaviors and get optimal outcomes
  • Effective, evidenced based balance programs a senior can do after being assessed by their primary care physician and physical therapy

Track progress easily — therapists and nurses can use the optional STEADI spreadsheet.

Use senior handouts to educate and decrease fall risk.

* Established through medical research since 2013 by Oregon Health Science University

MDs and PCPs
Nurses and Therapists

Two 60-minute videos* can be viewed consecutively or with a day in-between.

A 45-minute conference call is scheduled within a week for questions emailed prior and live.

For medical professionals, there will be greater depth and breadth of evidenced-based research and medical handouts for motivating seniors. Pioneering memory techniques and aids for diabetes, CHF and medication management will be discussed.

$890 to view at 1-5 facilities or $1,600 for 6-10 facilities. 10+ facilities, contact us!

*Videos are rented and cannot be downloaded, each rental can be viewed for 48 hours from time of rental

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Keeping Seniors on Their Feet and Thriving!

Keeping Seniors on Their Feet and Thriving!