MDs and Primary Care Physicians
Nurses and Therapists

KEY components for motivating seniors

Learn how to integrate the art and science of motivating your unique senior!

Motivational Interviewing — 4 key processes

Vital tools — using humor, being transparent and encouraging

Brain research and neuroplasticity

Sports, leisure and psychology research

Addressing Pain (physical or emotional)

Life History and meaningful memories

Applying what you learned to daily practice!

MDs and PCPs
Nurses and Therapists

1.5-hour class price $1,195 or for best value take TWO classes for $2,195. Price includes any size group.
For medical professionals, there will be greater depth and breadth of evidenced-based research and medical handouts for motivating seniors. Pioneering memory techniques and aids for diabetes, CHF and medication management will also be discussed.
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Keeping Seniors on Their Feet and Thriving!

Keeping Seniors on Their Feet and Thriving!