Motivating Seniors
Motivating Seniors

Motivating Seniors: What does the latest brain research; sports, leisure and psychology research and Denise Kean, occupational therapist with rehab experience of 35 years tell us?

There are KEY components for motivating seniors, each having unique needs. Come learn from me the art and science of motivating seniors!

  • Brain research and neuroplasticity
    • How to use these essential methods in motivating seniors
  • Sports, leisure and psychology research
    • Utilize these indispensable approaches
  • Address Pain (physical or emotional)
    • Why this is essential and some important insights
  • Life History and meaningful memories
    • “cut to the chase” in using this technique
  • Humor, being transparent and encouraging
    • Vital tools in motivating seniors
  • Motivational Interviewing and a client’s goals
    • What are the 4 processes and why is that key?
  • LET’S GO!
    • Applications to daily living!
Medical insurance sponsored classes at a senior center for seniors and their caregivers

1.5-hour class price $695 or for best value take TWO classes for $1,195. Price includes any size group.