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Pet Therapy has significant benefits and can be valuable at end of life care.

      Pets, especially dogs and cats, motivate seniors in the rehab process to get back home to their support system. Please educate and promote pet therapy in skilled nursing facilities and memory care facilities.

      I worked several years on a geriatric-psychiatric unit in Salem Oregon. Clients that rarely responded to “people contact” would suddenly become alert and start interacting with the dogs and cats brought in by “inmates” from an adjacent unit and guidance of the recreational therapists. It was wonderful to see!

     Seniors having dementia can have the same results. A friend brought her dog to visit a memory care facility and the seniors would get animated. They would mobilize their wheelchairs to the dog, socialize more and pet it! How much better it would have been had the director and owner of the facility allowed a therapy dog to live there!

      Pets provide much joy and comfort to seniors. I have heard 5 stories of cats knowing when the end of life is close and climb on the bed to provide companionship.  The cat supplements the wonderful care of the staff.

       All the above dovetails with the individualized, personalized care plan for each senior. Having seniors out of bed helps meet CMS expectations of activity directors in SNF’s (Skilled Nursing Facilities). Value based health care is impacted also because of the potential to decrease prescription dosage and increase quality of life for all.

      PLEASE send photos of pets interacting with seniors (per HIPPA) so we can share the joy! !

The below study uses the VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) pain control assessment tool and the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). The 72 post-operative patients had a TKA (total knee arthroplasty) or a THA (total hip arthroplasty) and had physical therapy treatments.

Can Therapy Dogs Improve Pain and Satisfaction After Total Joint Arthroplasty? A Randomized Controlled Trial:

STEADI coordinates well with the goals of value-based health care, better rehab outcomes, and decrease medical costs. Therefore, the quadruple aim is achieved. It has a multitude of evidenced based research. I’ve used STEADI successfully for 15 years. It is fun and easy to use!

I provide Fall Prevention Classes to MDs, Medical Professionals, Insurance Companies and Senior Communities. Let’s decrease re-hospitalizations!

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