Reaching for Better Fall Prevention?

Reaching for Better Senior Fall Prevention?  See class outline how Geriatric Rehab can help you! Included are key tips on using motivational interviewing, emotional intelligence and empathy. As a bonus, rehab diabetic management keys are covered!


EXCITING TIMES!  October 2019 U.S. Senate Committee on Aging report:

  • How is your state doing, see page 10?
  • Upper State New York did a STEADI- based program and reduced hospitalizations due to falls by 40%! See pages 20-21
  • Examine how Epic EHR integrated STEADI. See how innovative programs in different states decreased senior falls with home environment safety changes, effective community balance programs, and medication recommendations

I provide Fall Prevention Classes to MDs, Medical Professionals, Insurance Companies and Senior Communities. Let’s decrease re-hospitalizations!

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