Rosie the Riveter for COVID-19

Rosie the Riveter for COVID-19! There is no reason we shouldn’t have the best PPE and face masks in the USA for our healthcare workers. The eyes need to be protected as well! What is best practice? Let’s get our manufacturing plants re-purposed! Let’s GO! Here are some evidence-based links, resources and some creative solutions until our manufacturing plants get up to speed:

  • Fabric masks are for PUBLIC USE!
  • Know any sewing companies or quilters for face masks? Can they be worn over N95 masks to extend the lifespan?
    • South Korea flattened the curve quicker when the public wore masks & our USA Health officials and government are asking us to do the same!

Dr. Scott Segal & Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Health/Government officials state N95 masks need to be reserved for health care workers.
      The Recommended MASKS for the public have:

    • two layers of heavyweight “quilters cotton” with a thread count of at least 180
    • had thicker and tighter weave
    • Lesser quality fabrics also worked well, as long as they had an internal layer of flannel
    • “You do want to use a woven fabric, like batik,” Segal said, “but you don’t want to use a knit fabric, because the holes between the knit stitches are bigger.”
    • In other words, if the fabric allows for a substantial amount of light to shine through, it’s probably going to allow tiny viral particles through, as well. NO T-SHIRT material.
    • Whole article:

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